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St. John's Cross scarf
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Okay, not even close, but things have been shuffling downwards in the sidebar. One of the points of the blog was to finish up projects, since I like doing things on the needles, but often let things languish once they are off. I'm not sure how much of this is because many of the projects have been a bit of a disappointment in one way or another. Perhaps instead of "homestretch" the category should be renamed "penalty box."

I've talked about my disappointment with the way this scarf design (or more accurately, the colors) turned out before. The practical problem was that the reverse stockinette section was curling badly... blocking did fix this for the most part. I did not want to crochet the edges, since it would ruin the effect of the horizontal striping. The slip-stitch edge still poufs up a bit, but that has been deemed acceptable.

I've also discovered that lace shawls are darn hard to photograph; I will try again tomorrow.

Feeding the blog

Viking cross scarf
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The ends need to be woven in, and it needs to join the "to be blocked" queue. I hope that I can get the stockinette to stop curling. I should have done the cables over garter, but at the time I didn't know that was possible.

I'm not really pleased with the way this turned out. I thought the colors would complement the knitting, sort of a celtic look, but instead it just looks very 70s. I've been assured that someone will love it; I will see how it blocks before deciding whether it is worth donating. Also, using the left-over yarn, about 2.5 balls, to make a hat might make this better.

St. John's Cross take II

Charity knitting
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All work and no play and all that... too tired for a proper post, so here is the charity scarf as it stood at 2:30 pm Sunday. No energy to lay it out, photograph, upload, etc. It is now 8 rows of garter stitch away from binding off, where it has been stalled for the past 24 hours.

I've also re-felted the giant humongoid kitty pi bed, and am hoping that the sides don't end up as wrinkly as last time. I might have tried too many decreases on the sides to get them to stand up, or I just might not have a felting form that is large enough. It is over the 12" pot surrounded by two layers of towels, which doesn't stretch it quite as much as I would like.

St. John's Cross

St. John's Cross
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This is what I've been working on today -- a cable pattern from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking book, worked in a different color. This is charity knitting, where the scarves will be photographed end-to-end before donation to highlight the problem of homelessness in America. The St. John's Cross is also a symbol for happiness, which seems like a good thing to incorporate. It was a personal challenge to see if I could 1) follow Lavold's patterns at all and 2) do them in a different color. This was also my first attempt at two-color knitting, so I think it went pretty well. Now that I know the trick, I am tempted to try it on the DNA cables. It has also inspired some ideas for the baby knitting (more on that later).

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