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Noro Kureyon and Cascade 220
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Not so much progress on the knitting front. Most of the time was spent sweating, packing boxes, and moving boxes. Ugh for heat waves.

There seem to be several reasons for knitting: relaxation, "I want to have that," pleasure of designing one's own objects. Right now my WIPs have been falling on the relaxing and "want that" end of the scale, rather than the design end. Mindless knitting from a pattern can be very relaxing, and I don't have much mental energy at the moment, but not having my own project is becoming unsatisfying. I'm happy to have found Sahara's SistahCraft site, which I have been eagerly perusing for her design information. I know there are other professional and semi-pro designers that have blogs, but I haven't found much in the way of the design process until now. That's really why I started this blog, to self-document how designing works, so I should just get on with it, already!

Projects I have the yarn for, and could potentially be working on:

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Design plans for baby wall hanging

Current incarnation for wall hanging:
All cabling and dragon skin stitch done in Twisted Sisters Iris Voodoo, with the background reverse stockinette in Araucania Nature Wool. Fafnir knotwork dragons (elongated with cable repeat) reflected around baby's name in runes. Dragon skin stitch as either a complete frame or two bars along the vertical edge, like a scroll. For the latter case, there needs to be finishing on horizontal edges -- plain o' garter, whip stitch, icord... is it time to get one of the edging books? Hmmm.

Final dimensions should be on the order of 220 x 65 stitches. Gauge for the Nature Wool: 6 sts / in, 4.5 rows / in. This ends up being about 1 x 3 ft... that is really insane. It will be knitted on the smallest sized needles on the wrapper (US #5), and I knit a bit tight, but even at 75% of the size above, that might be too big.