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Elizabeth M.

That dress is a bit over the top, in my opinion.

Sorry your vest didn't place higher. I think it deserved First Place!


Fifth place for your Alice Starmore? Remind me to never enter the Minnesota State Fair! I think your vest gorgeous. :)


Where do the judges get their qualifications? Well, I love your Roscalie. Gorgeous!


wohooooo congrats on placing!


Congrats on placing in the contest, but you should have placed higher. Hmmmph!

While I like the visual wave of the Sea Foam scarf, it's wearability (likeliness to snag), would've influenced my decision not to give it a ribbon.

I can see why folks wouldn't like the dress. You need to have a sense of erotic whimsy.
It's art wear.


this is adorable AND so unique! I really like this piece! great work!

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