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I am so glad that I stumbled onto your blog (courtesy of Fillyjonk). Your latest entry and comment makes me wonder if you have seen the work that is being done on string-or-nothing? She is knitting an hexagonal bedspread....I think I will now graph and color squares in ordr to fit the math into my brain :)


The Sierpinsky Carpet sounds fascinating to me. How would you do it? The most obvious would be brocade (knit and purl sts), as it's easier to show square forms and I'm thinking of the smallest units as 1 stitch. In fairisle, you would have to deal with the floats, although intarsia knitting for the larger blocks would take care of that.

Double knitting sounds like the ticket, to me, for certain fractals. Or circular knitting, from the smallest units, outward. Hmmm.


Sahara, I hadn't even thought of brocade. Of course, I only saw my first really striking brocade pattern today, a celtic key piece designed by Alice Starmore. It seems like getting good results with a brocade would be very dependent on the type of yarn. I wish I had knit with a wider variety of yarns - it seems like it would need something with a sheen would be best. Like the Clip Egyptian Cotton, which would not really make a good afghan!

Alice, I had not seen string-or-nothing.blog-city.com before (okay, I did see just the dragon skin-modified Rouge in passing before, but not the rest of the site). Thank you so much for pointing this out to me. I have been enjoying reading up on her design programs, and watching how her projects develop. And her counter stitch markers were the final bit of inspiration to get me started on my own stitch markers.

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