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Hey there! How are you? Before I attempt to answer your questions, I must compliment you on your knitting.

1– When there are a lot of design elements, and they are either color or stitch patterns, you can make small swatches out of any type of yarn that is similar, to the WEIGHT (thickness) of the yarn you are using. You only want to see how the parts will go together. With little swatches, you can shuffle them around. Once you decide upon placement, then graph out the pattern.

2-Ugh, is right. So much for such a little bag. Gosh, thanks for reminding me. I'll throw some felt up on SwatchOut with % rates of felting. Here is a good book (you may know it, but it really helped me): Fulling Around With Felting–Maddy Cranley. Excellent!

3-Yes, you can. Once again, make swatches out of anything in a similar weight, where you will use the same needle size for your bamboo (5's gave me good results). The winning swatch should be out of the bamboo. Please wash it in warm water–the color runs. This is why it's kinda' hard to make things, when you need to swatch, and have small amounts of yarn.

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