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Danielle (nonokitty)

Lovely yarns, and I really like the way you set up the annotation!


OOh the Noro is lovely, what a lucky kitty! That handpainted you're using for the shawl is absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks for Flashing Along!


Love the annotations - I have got to learn how to do that!


Very nice!


I love the stash, I love the Kitty Pi, but most of all--

I <3 your blog title! TMBG rules!


Your stash is quite gourmet! Now I'm even more eager to get my hands on some Silky Wool.


Thanks for stopping by, everyone! (And Lizzi even got the TMBG reference -- I'm not sure how obscure my title is!).

Jacki, I will have a review of the silky wool up at some point, but the short answer is, I love the stuff -- and it is quite cheap for the content and yardage. My only complaint is that it is a cat hair *magnet*, more so than any of my other yarns, even the mohair.

tacha, the annotations are part of my photohosting site, http://www.flickr.com . Flickr is free, with unlimited viewing bandwidth, and has all these neat things you can do to organize and share your photos. I don't get any money for promoting them, but I think they do such a great job that I upgraded to the paid service.


Yay! Yarn and TMBG! Go girl!

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