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ooh! how'd you do that? I really want to figure out how to do cables in a different color! I know I've seen it explained somewhere, but I forget which of the million-and-one library books I saw it in. (I'm also miffed that the library doesn't seem to have Lavold's books). The scarf looks good!



To start, you essentially do two M1 with the contrasting color, except you take one of the M1 from two rows down instead of one. Purl the two stitches on the WS, and again on the RS do two "modified" M1. (If you follow EL exactly, you can get the stitches to lean in the right direction, but I don't think it makes a huge difference).

To end, I had to modify from EL. On the RS, decrease the 1st stitch left-leaning, (SSK, or KTB for me, since I knit combination) and 4th stitch right-leaning (KTB, or SSK for me). On the WS, P2T the remaining two contrasting color stitches; I then decrease another stitch in the RS row to get down to original stitch count. EL decreases P2T twice (contrasting + main color x2), but I couldn't get it to look right from the front with two colors.

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