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HPNY knits

if you make all the swatches same size, say 7x7 and coolect a bunch (say 49) you got a blanket!
I have been doing it for a while, and now have around 35.


Try swatching when you don't have a project in mind. It's like drawing. It satisfies the knit urge, without having to really deal with any gauge issues.

I usually make a fairly large piece–8" x 8"
You can work out plenty of solutions.


Did I ever tell you how I kicked myself for not catching a better picture of your swatches (including this one) on the knitablog? I was so pleased that I came up with a knitterly way to attach them all. Hoping someone will catch a good photo of that chunk one of these rounds.
Other than that, hope you're well. Happy swatching!

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